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rethzneworld wrote in eno_salecorner
Hey y'all,

This is the pics of everything I have that's gonna be on sale.

I am located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Shipping fee is not included yet, but feel free to contact me about that. Also, feel free to ask me details about the goods you want, just comment and I'll get to that.


sale post

1. The Rockstar Jae Photobook by RockJJ. Very good condition, book only, for $40 (Rp 495,000)
2. JYJ 3Voices II Photostory + DVD for $30 (Rp 350,000) SOLD
3. JYJ's MINE Photo Exhibition Limited Edition. Slight wear here and there for $50 (575,000)
4. JYJ's 1st Concert The Beginning Making Book & DVD (13 pgs), bonus Program Book for $30 (300,000)
5. TVXQ's 1st Storybook [HUG] (including VCD) for $30 (Rp 350,000) SOLD
6. TVXQ's 2nd Storybook [The Way You are] (including VCD) for $30 (Rp 350,000) SOLD
7. JYJ's Come On Over box set. The box is slightly worn, the CDs themselves are played once only. Very good condition for $200 (Rp 2,250,000)
8. Kim Jaejoong's photobook, "Attention Nine" by Cocoro, 2011 onwards era for $40 (Rp 455,000)
9. Kim Jaejoong Exhibition 2012 photobook + photos and ticket stubs for $20 (Rp 215,000)
10. JYJ 1st Worldwide concert in Seoul box set (5DVDs + 6 Photobooks). Have only been played once (the group version, the individual version is never played) for $60 (Rp 650,000) SOLD


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